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Power Cables

Medium Voltage Cables for voltage grade 3.6/6/7.2kv to 18/30/36kv (uo/u/um) as per iec 60502-2 & any other internatiional specification, copper & aluminium conductor from 25sqmm to 1000sqmm.

Building Wires & Cables.

XLPE/PVC insulated LV 0.6/1kv electrical power & control cables.

LSF cables & flame retardant cables.

Lead sheated cables.

Flexible panel wires as per bs6231, 600/1000v, 105degc, available in various colours.

THHN building wires, pvc covered with a tough protective nylon, ul listed as per ul 83, oil resistant & sun resistant as per ul, 600v & available in various colours.

Two core & 3core, flexible cable as per bs 50525-2-11, 300/500v, pvc insulated & pvc oversheated.