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MV Capacitors and banks for power factor correction is generally composed of several single-phase or three-phase unit capacitors assembled and interconnected to produce high power. They provide the reactive power needed by electrical motors. MV capacitor banks are designed for systems such as industrial, commercial, and utility power systems involving motors, feeder circuits etc. Enable power factor targets of the utilities to be met. Capacitors are also a key component in various filter solutions that reduce harmonic content.

Capacitor Bank : 200KVAR, 300KVAR, 600KVAR, 900KVAR, 1.2MVAR.

Voltage/Current Rating: 15kv & 36kv.

BIL: 110kv & 200kv Creepage: 1320.

According to Standard/Specification: SEC 43-SDMS-01, IEC 60871-1.